ULTIMATUM – LEX METALIS (Retroactive Records)

“Lex Metalis” (Latin for ‘Metal Is The Law’) is the band’s fifth output and this time, Ultimatum brings on nothing but covers songs from greatful classics, milestones of metal !

These guys proved in the future what Thrash Metal is all about… even they have a Christian background, hell yeah they know how to thrash folks. You should check out their previously released effort entitled “Into The Pit”, a thrashing highlight for sure.

Not familiar with Ultimatum, well they have a singer that is akin to the sound of well known frontmen like Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza (ex-Legacy, Exodus,…) or Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth from Overkill. Excellent singers in my opinion, owners of a very unique way of singing. Along with virulent, aggressive and razor sharp way of vocal tactics,  these guys are very memorable and unique in the thrash metal circuits !

“Lex Metalis” contains 13 cover songs of their 80s idols and as singer Scott Waters mentioned within the booklet, it was not that easy picking songs to fulfil the tracklist, which I understand completely. As old school hard rock/metal manic myself, I can tell there were so many great bands/songs to enjoy that collection a small list of favourites is damn difficult to do.

But okay, it seems like they made it – the tracklist of “Lex Metalis” look awesome and very joyful to me. Pure 80s Metal nostalgia with songs from Metal Church (Ton Of Bricks), Saxon (Denim and Leather), Metallica (Creeping Death), Iron Maiden (Wrathchild), Twisted Sister (Sin After Sin), Judas Priest (Steeler), Overkill (Powersurge), Motorhead (Iron Fist) and others. The manner Ultimatum play this cover songs gives le a real good feel. They not cloning the songs from A to Z, on the contrary they’re able to give somekind of a new ‘thrash’ character to each one of these.

There is only one song featuring on “Lex Metalis” I’ve never heard of before in my entire 45 years of existence. The song is called ‘Locked In Chains’ played by the band Moshketeers. Perhaps a shame on me but in any case, the way Ultimatum play the track is a pleasure to my ears. Be sure that I will start digging into the band’s background history asap. Every opportunity to expand my classic metal knowledge I’d like to grab with both hands!

So, Retroactive Records did a great job releasing Ultimatum’s new effort “Lex Metalis’. As always this label delivers the goods – also the images covering the frontside of the 8 panel booklet looks very METAL! Total overview: memorable songs offered by a fantastic band named Ultimatum. Old school power/speed/ thrash metal maniacs should order this product immediately after reading all this. Purchase via: www.ultimatum.net

My rating: 90/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)