UNSEEN FAITH – WAVER (Prime Collective)

Review by Officer Nice: Well, sometimes I don’t know what to think about a band, what I have to do with their music. Waver is the perfect band to discuss this fact because I can’t say that much positive about them, but that’s all because of me. The reason is that I have had it for a big part with this kind of modern Metal, Deathcore, Grindcore or whatever they may call it. Okay, Metal needs innovations but this isn’t an enrichment of the genre. To me it is a big ensemble of noise and an extreme form of exaggerating in musical ‘art’… with a little ‘a’ to be precise.

This band is from Denmark and they have released more things before. But after a few notes it’s obvious this will never be my cup of tea. Metal is more than making noise, that’s exactly the point. Sounding heavy isn’t enough; good Metal is about touching souls, no matter how hard or soft a band plays. No matter how brutal bands like Obituary, Sadus or fucking Mayhem or Immortal are, they have something special in their music, something that attracts. I miss this special thing in this entire genre and not only with Waver. I hear brutal vocals, fast played drums and heavy loaded guitars but I hear too less music. And Metal, ladies and gentlemen, is after all still a music genre, a kind of music with often ultra-talented musicians who surely knows how to write and perform great songs.

Well, there’s always something for someone and I’m quite sure there are people who really adore it. It’s making me crazy and aggressive. I miss an identity of this band and I miss a good song to listen to. Nevertheless , the instrumental track really is fantastic. The following “Don’t fear” starts interesting  again but that doesn’t take that long.  Anyway it proves that these lads these guys are able to play music with their instrument, next to do is writing good songs. https://www.facebook.com/UnseenFaith/ 

My rating: : 60/100 (Rather moderate)