Review by Jason Houston: Just heard the new CD: “Stalking The Ghost” from Unearthly Trance which will come out on 2/24/17 on RELAPSE Records and the best thing I can say about this 8 track Collection of new tunes is that the band has a real unique/fresh/original sound that is all it’s own. Unearthly Trance is from New York and I’d say the band’s overall sound could be described as Gloom/Doom/Sludge music. Now some of the tunes have a bit of a Sabbath vibe with a bit of a Metallica influence to them.

A lot of these tunes are well over 6 minutes and for that reason a lot of these tunes remind of Classic Metallica off of Metallica’s first three album.  If you remember back in their hey day Metallica often wrote tunes that were very long, many of them were longer than what most radio stations would play at that time back in the 80’s. This isn’t the 80’s though, this is 2017 And what I enjoyed most about Unearthly Trance’s latest CD “Stalking The Ghost” is that the Lead Singer has a very unique vocal approach like nothing I’ve heard before! That being said it gives both the band and the singer a very unique sound that is really all their own and that’s not something you often get with a lot of the new music being released in 2017 where so many bands are trying to sound like everyone else out there!

Here are a few thoughts I had on some of the individual songs:

‘Into The Spiral’ – This track is very heavy, has a very haunting sound to it, song also being quite heavy also has a very nice Melody to it. The band really has a great, fresh, original sound that is all their own.

‘Scythe’ – Once again we get a great, really heavy, haunting track with a great melody to it. I’m not all that sure what the lyrics mean or all that sure what the song itself is actually about but the fact that it is just such a great, original sounding Metal tune makes it worth listening to and the band takes the listener on a really fantastic musical journey!

‘Invisible Butchery’ – Love the haunting vocals throughout this song, the vocals are very hard to make out on composition but some how it works for this song and what you’re left with here is a very strong, Haunting Heavy Metal Track!

‘In The Forests Keep’ – Great track to end the album with, slowest track on the album but it remains quite heavy without being overly aggressive. This is a great instrumental piece, no vocals required here… just a great piece of music! Unearthly Trance Facebook at: https://nl-nl.facebook.com/UnearthlyTrance/ / Order at: http://store.relapse.com/item/43551

Song Titles “Stalking The Ghost”: 1. Into The Spiral  2. Dream State Arsenal   3. Scythe   4.  Famine   5. Lion Strength   6. Invisible Butchery   7. The Great Cauldron   8. In The Forests Keep

My rating: 90/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)